Dallas - Boudoir image of smiling girl in corset

Why Boudoir?

If you’re as nervous about getting in front of a camera as I am these days, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the thought of doing so in little-to-no clothing is pretty terrifying.  (It’s a pretty sturdy limb I’m out here on, though—especially considering I recently did my own boudoir session and I’m still trying to recover my appetite….)

So, why put yourself through all that?  WHY do I want you to bare as much as you dare and step in front of my camera?  (I promise it isn’t because I’m mean!)

It’s simple, really:  I want you to let me take photos of you in next-to-nothing because when you DO, and I show you how good you look, you won’t be able to give the credit to your clothing.

“Thank goodness I was wearing my Spanx!”  “I’m SO glad that outfit hides my tummy/stretch marks/rolls/thighs!”  “It’s a good thing I didn’t wear that other outfit that doesn’t hide this, that, or the other thing!”

It makes me really sad when you think you look good in a photo only because your outfit hid or enhanced something, and I think it makes YOU sad, too.  I don’t like being sad, and I don’t want YOU to be sad, so I solve that problem by taking away the things you want to hide behind, and showing you that you look good anyway.

Yes, I can and DO take photos of women in normal clothing, but if you’re wanting to hide behind your clothes, you’re one of those who will benefit the most from taking them off in front of my camera